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Renae A.
Nashville, TN
Room for improvement, but better than anything out in the market.
I purchased a comprehensive report to get a more thorough insight into the career path that would best suit me. It described me well and even recommended jobs I was already considering. Although the design had some issues (hence why I gave it a 4-star vs. 5-star), like non-functional buttons, this was still better than any other report I tried elsewhere.
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Mary D.
Plano, TX
Best 20 minutes I spent in my life!
Ever since I graduated from a local community college, I have been job-hopping as a server from one fast-food chain to another for the past ten years or so, because I had to pay off my student loan. I wanted to change my career trajectory when I was laid off from McDonald’s because of COVID. I stumbled upon, and this changed my life. Not only they gave me solid job recommendations, but also, they connected me with different service providers that helped me realign my future.
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Jonathan P.
Sacramento, CA
Does what it promises and more.
I was looking to switch my career and wanted to get further insights by talking to an insider. After a week or so, I was paired with Daniel, a project manager at one of my dream companies. He not only shared insights into what he did to land a job and tips on resumes and interviews but also offered a reference for an open position near me. I am currently preparing a technical interview for this job, but my experience with has been nothing but incredible.
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