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For more than a century, aptitude testing has been used to help people of all backgrounds find more success and satisfaction in their careers. But how have these tests evolved, and how can they serve people like you in the modern era?

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Between new technologies, the possibility of remote work, and an increasing willingness by workers to walk away from unfulfilling jobs, some experts believe that career mobility is at its peak in recent history. Still, many would-be job hoppers feel they need an extra push before making the jump to something new.

At, we believe we've unlocked just that.

By combining the power of cutting-edge machine learning, AI, and thoughtful questions drawn from fact-based psychology, we've updated the aptitude test into something fit for the modern professional. In only about fifteen minutes, our test will learn your career motivations, goals, skills, and potential, then match that data to the real-world careers that suit you best.

After that, our process walks you through your matches step by step, giving you all the insights and guidance you need to turn your results into action, from what kind of salary to expect to the certifications or skills you'd need to make your dream job a reality.

To date, over 3 million professionals have trusted us to help them make the jump—so why not see what we have to offer?

Why people love our career test

98% Satisfaction Rate

Even after more than 3 million customers served, we've maintained a 98% satisfaction rate for those who trust our test.

Only Real Data

Rather than relying on subjective guesses or estimates, we use proven math and reliable sources to compile your results.

Accurate Information

Unlike common aptitude tests that use prefilled databases or archives, our process collects information in real time as you answer questions.

Less Than 15 Minutes to Complete

Even the most comprehensive test shouldn't take ages to complete, which is why our aptitude test can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Continued Support

Instead of leaving you to figure out your results alone, we provide step-by-step support to help you understand and utilize every piece of information we uncover.


From the testing itself to the advice we offer, our process is custom-tailored to your personality and circumstances.

How do aptitude tests work?

to define your next 20 years.

Beyond the technological updates, advances in research, and modern data, our aptitude test functions in essentially the same way as the ones first developed more than a century ago. Once you start, the process breaks down into three simple steps:

  1. We ask questions
  2. You answer them
  3. We provide results

Unlike most aptitude tests, however, we take the process one step further: we help you understand and actualize those results. Career Aptitude Tests

The questions you need for the career answers you want

Career Test for Adults

Designed for both established professionals hoping to advance their careers and those looking to find a new path, our career test for adults offers clarity and confidence for anyone looking to make a change in their career trajectory.

Career Test for Teens

Intended for high school students and teens looking for insight into their potential career paths, our career test for teens uses advanced metrics to help solidify choices, offer advice about skill-building, and even simplify the college selection process.

Hear from our customers

Even with all of the marketing and data in the world, sometimes it helps to hear from people who have experienced the process first-hand.

Kate, 30
"I was happy at my job, but I wasn’t sure what to do when a position opened up at one of our locations across the company in California. I’d always wanted to live on the West Coast, but the role had different responsibilities, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to really excel at it or even enjoy the position at all. I took an aptitude test on, and my results gave me the confidence I needed that I was making the right decision. Now I’m killing it in the new role, and I get to spend my weekends at the beach!"
Darius, 22
"Both of my parents are small business owners, so after high school, I started classes for a business degree, but only because it seemed like the obvious choice. About two years in, I was pretty much burned out and almost stopped going completely. One of my professors suggested, so I tried it out. It told me I’d probably be happier in a trade job, so I went looking for an apprenticeship as an electrician and found a good job almost immediately. Now I’m making more than I would’ve as an accountant, I have better hours, and I actually get to work with my hands."
Ellie, 49
"When I graduated college in my early twenties, I almost immediately went into a career as a graphic designer. It paid the bills for almost three decades, but I’d be lying if I said I ever had a real passion for it. With my 50th birthday coming up, I decided that I was financially stable enough to start looking for something that I was actually passionate about. After taking a test with, I realized I already had all the skills I needed to open an art gallery in my town. I’m switching to full-time there this month, and I couldn’t be happier." Aptitude Tests

The questions you need for the career answers you want.

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Career Test for Adults

to define your next 20 years.

Whether you're looking to advance in your current career or find a new job entirely, our career test for adults gives you the insights and tools you need to make a change.

Career Test for Teens

to define your next 20 years.

For high school students or other teens looking to step into their first careers, our aptitude test for teens can help you construct a crystal clear image of who you are, what you want, and how to get it.

Why is an aptitude test important?

Just like any other type of career assessment test, an aptitude test's main value is its potential to teach you more about yourself, the opportunities available to you, and the types of roles in which you'd be most successful and fulfilled.

Beyond that advantage, aptitude tests also offer several benefits and advantages as you progress through the professional world.

Maximizing time

With the sheer amount of information available online today, manually doing research about jobs and positions can seem overwhelming. The right career aptitude test, however, does the heavy lifting for you by compiling these positions into one easy-to-understand location.

Minimizing stress

Making a career change can be daunting for even the bravest among us, but arming yourself with hard facts and personalized insights can help massively reduce stress and doubt.

Acknowledging values

Most aptitude tests include “situational judgment tests,” which pose hypothetical work situations to help people understand their likely reactions. By doing so, you can learn more about your values, work personalities, and what matters most to you in a job.

Encouraging growth

Most people want to keep growing in their careers, but it can often be difficult to know exactly how. An aptitude test gives you real, goal-oriented steps to continue developing as a professional.

Preparing you for interviews

Just as you'd take practice tests before exams in school, it can sometimes help to take an aptitude test before applying for jobs that may administer their own. That way, you can familiarize yourself with the process and show up with the answers you need to dazzle potential employers.

What other benefits does an aptitude test offer?

We've already outlined some of the most obvious benefits of investing in a high-quality aptitude test, but here are some more you might not have considered:

Improved understanding

Whether you're an established professional or a teen looking to start your career, there's always room to learn a little more about yourself. Not only can achievement tests gauge your hard skills, like math and language, but the personality portion of an aptitude test can also help you better understand your career personality and the types of environments in which it would flourish.

Realistic job options

In our experience, too many aptitude tests suggest outlandish or impractical careers, either due to flawed matching algorithms or outdated information. With our results, you get realistic job options that take into account your current situation and ambitions.

Prioritizing goals

No matter where you are on your career path, it can often be challenging to manage priorities, especially in the face of change. By getting a clear, objective view of your talents, options, and preferences, you can be more confident as you arrange your priorities in a way that serves you best.

Achievable progress

Far too often, life or career advice amounts to extreme, binary suggestions. "Just quit if you're unhappy." "Go back to school." "Find a new path." Usually, this kind of advice only serves to worsen anxieties and confuse the situation. So, while we're all for big changes, we know that they most often come from measured, achievable progress, which is exactly what we help you find.

Personal insights

While personality tests are typically viewed as fun, casual diversions, they can actually provide profound personal insights into what makes a person tick. The catch, however, is making sure that your chosen aptitude test uses science-backed psychology to produce results.

Confidence building

Even the bravest of us have doubts, and sometimes, we need more than our own feelings to confidently make decisions. In these cases, objective information—like that included in your test results—can mean the difference between hesitation and action.

Relevant information

The job industry moves fast, so you need to move fast, too. To make that happen, you need the most relevant and timely information possible, which is why our algorithm pulls from reliable sources in real-time to compile its results.

Personalized planning

Your career path is as unique as you are, which is why only the most personalized plan will do when it comes to navigating that path. Instead of settling for a formulaic, one-size-fits-all assessment of who you are and how you can achieve greater job satisfaction, consider choosing a tailored test, like, that treats you like the individual you are.

Build communication skills

Learning about your strengths, potential, and values is only half of the equation; you also need to know how to express those truths to potential employers and coworkers. Fortunately, our aptitude test results give you exactly the language you need to communicate your worth clearly and confidently.

Greater fulfillment

As values change and evolve, the importance of fulfillment and satisfaction in a career is clearer than ever. To make those values a reality, however, it's best to know ahead of time the type of career or role that aligns best with what you want—knowledge provided best by a reliable aptitude test.

Components of an aptitude test

While the term "aptitude test" gets thrown around a lot these days, it's important to understand its actual definition and the components that go into creating it. Also, keep in mind that different aptitude tests will use different combinations of these components, so your best bet is usually finding the most comprehensive option possible.

Personality testing

Typically, personality testing is one of the more familiar components you're likely to encounter in an aptitude test. This type of testing looks at your personality traits, social behaviors, and preferences in order to build a "profile" about your work personality or the types of environments in which you're most likely to excel.

Interest testing

Rather than looking at individual traits or skills, interest testing simply evaluates the things that interest or energize you. By doing so, this type of test can help identify the jobs or roles that might offer the greatest fulfillment or enjoyment for you.

Skill testing

Skill testing is one of the most objective, quantifiable types of testing you'll encounter. Here, you'll answer questions about work history, education, certifications, or other skills you developed throughout your life. Then, those skills are matched to the jobs in which they're most likely to be useful.

Situational judgment testing

As mentioned earlier, situational judgment tests are a relatively niche yet profoundly useful tool for identifying compatible careers. During these tests, you'll be presented with hypothetical scenarios and asked how you would react. This process, in turn, helps you better understand how you would function in a team, what duties are best suited to your temperament, and areas related to judgment that might need improvement.

Value testing

As professionals focus more and more on fulfillment and satisfaction, value testing continues to grow in popularity. Instead of focusing on skills or personality traits, this type of testing identifies the beliefs or values that matter most to you, such as environmental activism or work-life balance, and then finds the careers that align best with those values.

Pros and Cons of an Aptitude Test

In our experience, the pros of taking a high-quality aptitude test vastly outweigh any potential cons, but we still thought it best to lay them out for you to decide.


At their core, aptitude tests are simply a tool designed to give you more information about who you are, what skills you possess, and how those translate to the professional world.


Decisions are always better when they're made with confidence, but confidence often only comes from clarity. By arming yourself with objective, data-driven information, you can move forward with as little doubt as possible.


Many people know their own strengths but struggle to convey them to others. With the right aptitude test, you can learn the vocabulary and language needed to advertise yourself in the strongest possible terms.


Sometimes, it can feel all but impossible to know which skills or strengths to invest in and which are a waste of time. By identifying the exact career you want, you can know how to invest your time and effort for the maximum possible returns.


While many of us focus on objective measurements of growth, such as salary and title, we tend to forget about other, less obvious things, such as happiness and fulfillment. By taking the time to refamiliarize yourself with your values and life goals, you can make sure you're on the best path possible.


Your results only matter if they're accurate, and inaccurate information can often be worse than none at all. No matter which test you choose, make sure they're using reliable algorithms and sources to produce results.


Your results only matter if they're accurate, and inaccurate information can often be worse than none at all. No matter which test you choose, make sure they're using reliable algorithms and sources to produce results.


While relatively rarer now than in years past, some testing organizations may be affiliated with outside organizations, such as universities or the government. Before trusting any website with your information and career, make sure they have no biases or conflicts of interest.


While relatively rarer now than in years past, some testing organizations may be affiliated with outside organizations, such as universities or the government. Before trusting any website with your information and career, make sure they have no biases or conflicts of interest.


Even the most reliable information means little if you can't understand it, which is why it's essential to find a service that explains your results step-by-step in a way that you can truly understand.


Even the most reliable information means little if you can't understand it, which is why it's essential to find a service that explains your results step-by-step in a way that you can truly understand.


Whether it's due to a predetermined career database, a narrow matching algorithm, or anything else, it's important that the aptitude test you choose considers all possible matches in order to provide the best outcomes.


Whether it's due to a predetermined career database, a narrow matching algorithm, or anything else, it's important that the aptitude test you choose considers all possible matches in order to provide the best outcomes.

How to choose the best aptitude test

Now that you have a better understanding of how aptitude tests work, let's explore the process of selecting the most suitable test for your specific requirements.


Before committing to any aptitude test, consider your reasons for seeking them out in the first place. Are you looking to learn more about your career interests in order to find exciting jobs you may have overlooked? Do you want an itemized list of skills to polish in order to secure a promotion? Regardless of which it is, knowing what you want can help you decide whether a test is right for you.


As anyone who has ever taken a high school or college test can tell you, how a test is delivered is arguably as important as the questions asked. Is it in-person or online? Timed or untimed? Is there someone there to guide you if you get stuck, or are you expected to figure it out yourself? While most modern aptitude tests are untimed and digital, it's still worth making sure that a test is delivered in the way most comfortable to you.


In our experience, aptitude testing is one of the best investments a person can make to benefit their future. That said, more affordable options may still provide results, depending on what you're hoping to gain from the experience. Before paying for anything, compare a test's potential value to its cost.


As we mentioned earlier, accuracy is, by far, one of the most important elements of any test worth taking. Before beginning a test, make sure it uses modern technology, updated databases (or, even better, AI), and fact-based research to provide answers.


Tied closely to accuracy is trustworthiness, which is how transparent a testing company is. This entails determining whether a company receives funding from any particular sector or organization, such as the military. While such ties aren't necessarily a bad thing, they should never be concealed by a testing company.


While formulaic aptitude tests were the norm just a few decades ago, they no longer make the cut in modern times. Any test you take should include the highest degree of personalization possible, from the questions you're asked to the resources you're provided.

Tips for Taking a Career Test

Often, taking a few moments ahead of time to prepare yourself for a test can lead to a dramatically better experience. Here are some of our favorite tips for would-be test-takers.

Read the instructions

Depending on what service or testing organization you choose, it's likely they'll have different instructions for how to take their test. Before starting, make sure you read and fully understand any instructions related to the testing process.

Get comfortable

Only you can fully know the environment in which you're most comfortable and ready to take a test, so make sure to try and recreate that environment before beginning your aptitude test. That way, your answers can be as natural and stress-free as possible, and your results will be all the more accurate.

Answer honestly

In our experience, many people go into the testing process with preconceived notions about what they "should" want to do with their career. While this is understandable, given the societal pressures placed on so many of us, try to put those aside for the fifteen minutes it takes to complete your test. Remember, any good aptitude test is meant to serve your interests, not anyone else's.

Don't overthink

For many people, certain subjects or questions can send them into a spiral of overthinking that turns a 15-minute test into something much more substantial. While you should consider each question carefully, let yourself answer naturally or instinctually in situations where you aren't sure of your answer.

Ignore the clock

Unlike aptitude tests you might encounter at school or work, our test is completely untimed. And while it's entirely reasonable to expect our process to take about 15 minutes, it's best to take all the time you need to feel comfortable with your answers.

Maintain perspective

We fully believe in the power and value of a high-quality aptitude test. That said, your results are only one of the many tools you can use to start building a better future, so don't feel discouraged or intimidated if your results don't match your expectations.

Reflect on results

Depending on the service you use, your results may contain a substantial amount of information and insights to unpack. Just like you gave yourself time to comfortably take your test, give yourself that same amount of time to understand and internalize everything uncovered during the process.

Start planning

If your chosen aptitude test includes actionable resources and advice (which it always should!), start thinking about the steps you can most easily or quickly take to start making progress. Often, even the smallest achievement can serve as a gateway to much larger, more impactful steps, so it's completely okay to start small.

I have my aptitude test results, now what?

Talk about them

If you're comfortable with the idea, talking about your results with friends, family, or even trusted coworkers can be an excellent way to understand them more and begin incorporating the suggestions into your professional life.

Explore your options

When you receive your results, they'll almost certainly come with job options and opportunities you hadn't previously considered. If they do, take the time to research these new options and see what transitioning to a new career or role might entail.

Start skill building

Sometimes, aptitude tests will reveal one or more skills that might need polishing in order to secure a new role or job. In these cases, consider using the offered resources to start honing those skills, either through new certifications, schooling, or other means.

Consider more education

Although it may seem unlikely for some, going back to school is more possible now than ever before in the 21st century. If you want to transition to a new career that requires a certain degree, more education might be in your future.

Find support

Whether it's a mentor, friends with similar goals, or an online community in an industry of interest, finding support and community can be one of the most powerful ways to start changing your life.

Research career coaches

 Today, more and more professionals are turning to career coaching for help taking those crucial next steps. If you feel you need extra career guidance, consider doing a little research into the best career coaches near you.

Unlock Your Future in Just 20 Minutes

to define your next 20 years.

We understand that we are presenting a lot of information, but the essence is to help you unleash the powerful insights that are inherently within you. Despite its intricate nature, meticulous detail, and superior adaptability, our aptitude test is designed to be completed in approximately twenty minutes.

That’s all it takes.

Investing twenty minutes to pave the way for the forthcoming two decades of your professional journey? We're open to suggestions if there’s a more productive way to utilize your time.

When you’re prepared to embark, navigate your way to what we believe is the premier career assessment available online.

Aptitude Test FAQs

If you still have questions, that’s completely okay. We’re in the business of answering questions.

How much does a career test cost?

Though it is entirely possible to find a free career test, the majority of paid tests range between $19.95 and $200.00. At, we provide various pricing plans so that you can decide which career test report and support is best for you.

Can this career quiz tell me what careers to choose?

We’re not here to tell you what to do; we’re here to tell you what you can do. Once you have that knowledge, deciding what to do with it is still up to you.

How long does it take to receive my career test results?

Our cutting-edge algorithm works diligently to provide you with the most personalized and accurate results. This process can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to ensure the highest quality in your report. Still waiting to receive your report after 30 minutes? Email us at with the subject line "Didn't Get My Report." Our support team will be happy to help you get your report.

How accurate are the career test results?

Our use of advanced machine learning, modern AI, and up-to-date job market data means that provides some of the most accurate results possible, which is why more than 300,000 professionals have trusted us with their career solutions. As long as you’re honest in your answers, your career quiz results will be accurate.

Is it worth taking a career test if I already have a job?

Of course! If you're already working but want to know if you're on the right track or what your next steps should be, a career test can help you find out.

How long does the career test take to complete?

All of’s career tests can be completed in under 20 minutes. That said, we’ll never put a timer on the process, so you should feel free to take as long as you need to complete your assessment.

Why is my career quiz screen blank?

We're sorry for the inconvenience! Sometimes, if you leave the test and come back later, you might see a blank screen. Here's what you can do:

  1. Clear your browser's cookies.
  2. Try using a different browser or device.

If these steps don't bring back your quiz, please email us at with the subject line "Blank Quiz Screen". Our support team will jump right on it and help you out!

Why should I trust my career quiz results?

We understand the importance of your future, and we don’t take it lightly. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a ton of data to provide you with the most personalized and accurate results. If your report fails to identify any career paths based on the answers you provided to the test, we will offer a full refund of the cost of the test.