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This went in a completely different direction than I was anticipating... I am super glad that I met with you and this was money well spent!
Verified Customer
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I felt like I hit a wall - I did everything I could think of... and meeting with Roberta re-motivated me and gave me a clarity in where I should go next.
Verified Customer
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I would jog to work if I had to. I have never thought of something like that before. This is an experience that will result in my reaching the goals I've set.
Verified Customer

Verified Customer Reviews of JobTest.org

Based on 100,000+ customers' feedback
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Susan Prejean
I truly enjoyed working with Nicole Ellis as a coach; she brings so much energy to every call. It's impressive how much she fits into the allotted time! I feel re-energized and excited about where my career will take me.
A day ago
Colin Stapczynski
I am so pleased that I finally decided to work with a career coach! Jen Earls, the career coach that I was paired with, is absolutely amazing to work with.

Jen helped me explore and refine my overall career plan, created an action plan for me, and armed me with excellent tools to employ in my future searches.

I have a feeling that I will be meeting with her again soon.

My only regret? I wish that I would have done this sooner!
2 days ago
Cathryn Ibarra
I’ve been wanting to make a career change but got stuck in a spiral about which direction to take. Jobtest helped me recognize some options that are out there. I’m glad I took their assessment!
2 days ago
Grant Glasson
I recommend using Jobtest to anyone needing help and guidance in their careers. After taking the career test I got access to so many career resources to help guide me down a clearer path for my future. I recommend talking with one of their career coaches as well. I was fortunate enough to talk with Corey Bott about my career and he offered so much guidance and resources to me to help me decide which career path I wanted to take in my life.
4 days ago
Luann Donnelly
Better than therapy if you feel lost on career journey and what’s this 9-5 all for?! I did the test and met with Jen for an hour to discuss the results and how I could best act on the insights. Best investment I’ve made in my career. Jen’s ability to structure the conversation, provide perspective, dig into what’s needed to help you feel fulfilled, challenged and compensated for efforts is a gift. Thank you Jen!
5 days ago


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Nicole Hofmans
I had a really great experience with my career coach, Roberta Muniz. She has a lot of knowledge and experience and is very focused and passionate about what she does. I feel very hopeful about my future and have a better understanding of what was making me feel stuck.
5 days ago
Jamie C
The assessment was helpful in identifying my strengths and personality type, which belief me to narrow my career focus. I especially enjoyed my coaching session with Candace! She was so attuned to what I was looking for and what would be a good fit for me. I know her help is going to help me find a fulfilling and meaningful career!
7 days ago
Matthew Wagner
I was paired up with Josee who handled the prep, session itself, and follow up with care. We were able to have a really insightful discussion about my answers to the test & I received the clarity I was looking for by following through with the post-session resources that were shared with me. I would recommend the test & coaching session for anyone that wants to take inventory of the range of options available to them for their next career move.
8 days ago
Andrea Jackson
Linda Lutz is a very knowledgeable coach that can guide you over the hurdles to your most desired career. She is organized dependable and a joy to work with.
11 days ago
Robert Rumfelt
Honestly, I had modest expectations for this initial session. I expect to be assigned a junior counselor that I would not relate to well. I experienced the complete opposite. Candace is highly experienced and quickly discerned my unique scenario. I’ve been around the block (4 decades of work) but Candace still surprised me. Her experience was well matched to mine so the session was exceptional. (And no, I don’t usually write glowing reviews like this.)
12 days ago
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