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Over 3,658,654 professional reports created
Recommended by over 346,236 happy customers
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Career Values Assessment: Follow What Drives You

Your values are the seeds from which a fulfilling career can grow. Uncover these core values, align them with your future aspirations, and pave the way for a meaningful career journey with a personal values assessment.

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to define your next 20 years.

On the path to your next career, your direction can be shaped not only by your ambitions and skills but also by a core set of internal values that align with a deeper sense of purpose. Identifying your career values starts with an honest appraisal of your interests and personality, considering what matters most to you and what consistently motivates you from within. 

We understand introspection isn’t easy without guidance, so we developed a modern career values assessment leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning and AI. Our assessment is more than just a test; it’s a holistic analysis of your interests, workplace preferences, and personality to identify potential job paths that reflect your values and maximize long-term fulfillment.

With a legacy of helping over three million professionals, students, and career changers, we at JobTest.org are committed to finding suitable careers that align seamlessly with your values and personality. Embark on this enlightening journey by taking our career test to discover your roadmap to a fulfilling professional life.

Why people love our career test

Delighted Customers

Our career values assessment boasts a 98% satisfaction rate from over 3 million users (and counting), a testament to the pivotal role our assessment plays in aligning careers with job seekers’ core values and interests.

Cutting-Edge Analysis

Leveraging the capabilities of machine learning, our career values assessment meticulously sifts through thousands of data points, delivering a user-friendly report layered with insights about your career values, work personality, and recommended professions.

Real-Time Analysis

Since our algorithms constantly adjust to reflect the latest career data, you can count on an accurate and timely depiction of the ever-changing dynamics of today’s contemporary job market.

Swift and Seamless Assessment

We designed the career values assessment with efficiency and simplicity in mind. Despite the advanced technology, it takes twenty minutes or less and allows you to seamlessly transition from testing to reviewing your report.

Responsive Questionnaire

Our personal values assessment is as dynamic as your career aspirations and adjusts the type of questioning based on your responses. This responsiveness enhances the relevancy of the assessment and ensures we prioritize the topics you wish to explore.

Custom Testing Experience

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so we developed our assessment to align with everyone’s unique aspirations. From the testing process to the report, you can expect a tailor-made experience that captures the entirety of your work values.

How Do Career Values Assessments Work?

to define your next 20 years.

We could dive into the technical models and nitty-gritty details explaining how value assessments work, but in a nutshell, they function roughly the same as any other career test or academic assessment you’ve taken before. Our career values assessment can be broken down into three simple steps: 

  1. We present you with thought-provoking and interactive questions, including multiple-choice, rating scales, typed responses, and more. 
  2. You spend the next fifteen to twenty minutes providing genuine answers based on your immediate reactions.
  3. We analyze your responses and generate a personalized report within moments of completion. 

It’s really that simple. In fact, you can take our career values assessment on any device from wherever you are—no special equipment or preparation required.

Jobtest.org Career Aptitude Tests

The questions you need for the career answers you want

Career Test for Adults

Designed for both established professionals hoping to advance their careers and those looking to find a new path, our career test for adults offers clarity and confidence for anyone looking to make a change in their career trajectory.

Career Test for Teens

Intended for high school students and teens looking for insight into their potential career paths, our career test for teens uses advanced metrics to help solidify choices, offer advice about skill-building, and even simplify the college selection process.

Why Customers Choose JobTest.org

At JobTest.org, we believe our service is only as good as the experience of our latest customers. We carefully developed our career values assessment to capture the unique needs of every individual, but you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Below are three verified testimonials from JobTest.org customers:

Leslie, 20
“I started college as an undeclared major because I didn’t know what I wanted to study yet. I took a ton of different classes during my first two semesters but still couldn’t figure out what to focus on. One of my professors noticed I was struggling and suggested I try JobTest.org to narrow down what I really wanted out of my career. It pointed out how I like working with others, and as a result, it recommended teaching as one career option. I’ve now taken a few education classes and enjoyed them, so I recently changed my major and feel excited about what the future holds.”
Jessica, 37
“I grew up in a military family and was always encouraged to continue the tradition from a young age. After a successful 13-year career, I decided it was time for a change but had no clue how to make the transition back to a normal life. I looked at career sites and eventually found JobTest.org. The career values assessment showed me how much I care about structure, clear expectations, and working in large organizations. The report feedback and resume builder helped me outline my transferable skills, and now I plan on applying to local operations companies.”
Kai, 30
"I was happy at my job, but I wasn’t sure what to do when a position opened up at one of our locations across the company in California. I’d always wanted to live on the West Coast, but the role had different responsibilities, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to really excel at it or even enjoy the position at all. I took an aptitude test on JobTest.org, and my results gave me the confidence I needed that I was making the right decision. Now I’m killing it in the new role, and I get to spend my weekends at the beach!"

JobTest.org Career Values Assessment

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Career Values Assessment for Adults

to define your next 20 years.

It’s becoming more common for adults to take a step back and realize their job isn’t the right fit anymore, whether due to poor leadership, a lack of recognition, or little to no opportunities for advancement. Similarly, many adults decide to pursue a passion but can’t see a path out of their current career. 

Our career values assessment for adults has been carefully designed to consider these scenarios along with other circumstances unique to your career path. If you’re hesitant to return to school, prefer to stay in the same industry, or want to make a significant change, we’ve built our test to capture what you want and tailor the report to maximize your chances for personal success.

Career Values Assessment for Teens

to define your next 20 years.

Embarking on a career path out of high school or college is a significant milestone that lays the foundation for your future. However, making informed decisions at such a pivotal stage requires a deep understanding of your career values and interests, which is why we created a career values assessment for teens. 

Our personalized assessment seeks to determine what motivates and drives you, aligning your unique values with potential career paths. It can help you choose between college majors, develop a roadmap, and understand your career values and personality characteristics. With a clearer understanding of yourself and your career outlook, you set the stage for a future filled with passion, purpose, and satisfaction.

Why is a Values Assessment Important for Your Career?

One could argue that a values assessment isn’t necessary if you already have a good understanding of your basic human values. But, in reality, most of us need a nudge in the right direction. Not only is it okay to seek help when in need of clarity, but it’s beneficial to gain a fresh perspective and reflect on what you cherish and must avoid in your professional life. 

On the other hand, making career decisions without fully understanding the implications can result in a mismatch with your values, which frequently results in regret and dissatisfaction. But with the proper guidance and inspiration, you can confidently map out your future toward a fulfilling and compatible career, which is where our values assessment comes in. 

Whether you’re starting your career journey from scratch or want support transitioning to a new job, our values assessment can equip you with insights to make informed decisions. Moreover, a career values assessment can help with the following:

Align with core beliefs

Understanding your innermost beliefs and aligning them with your career path is crucial for a fulfilling work experience. A career values assessment helps you realize these intrinsic motivations and convictions, enabling you to seek opportunities that likely lead to a harmonious work-life balance and resonate with your personal values.

Increased job satisfaction

Job satisfaction and long-term fulfillment follow when your career is in sync with your personality and values. Taking a career values assessment helps you grasp what drives you, aiding in finding a job with financial security and bringing a perpetual sense of accomplishment and joy.

Reduced career burnout

Career burnout has several causes, including misalignment of personal values, changing job demands, or a toxic work culture. Although no values assessment can predict the future, it can help you choose a career path that’s less likely to lead to burnout by showing you what to prioritize and avoid.

Enhanced decision-making

If you can articulate your career values, decision-making (especially in a professional setting) becomes far easier since you know what you want. A values assessment helps translate these abstract motivators into coherent insights, leading to more confidence and less indecision.

Improved work relationships

Work relationships flourish in environments where personal values are mutually acknowledged and respected. By learning about your values through an assessment, you can better communicate and collaborate with colleagues who share them, which can lead to a more productive and positive work environment as well as improved interpersonal relationships.

Benefits of a Values Assessment for Career Growth

As we’ve discussed, a personal values assessment has numerous benefits, notably the insights that help individuals choose the right career path. It acts as a compass to guide you through the nuances of career choices, ensuring you receive job matches that reflect your intrinsic ambitions and values. 

These insights can transform the daily grind into a meaningful professional purpose where goals and the surrounding work environment align with personal beliefs. In addition, you can expect the following benefits from taking a values assessment for career growth:

Clear career path

Navigating through the assortment of career paths becomes less obscure when you have a working comprehension of your motivations and values. Our assessment helps you filter through the noise, pinpoint roles and industries compatible with your values, and pave the way to a fulfilling professional life.

Enhanced motivation

A career that echoes your values is more likely to lead to satisfaction but also stir and fulfill a natural drive and passion. It’s far easier to find motivation for tasks you enjoy, and by choosing a profession that brings out your internal drive, you’ll feel more passionate about your work.

Strategic goal setting

When you embrace your career values, you can set strategic goals for accelerated professional growth. You’re also more inclined to achieve these goals since they’re based on ideals that genuinely matter to you, adding a layer of purpose and urgency to your career strategy.

Reduced job hopping

Although some people find the right career on their first attempt, it’s normal to have at least a few job transitions. Still, a values assessment can minimize the need for job hopping by showing you which roles will likely make a good fit, helping you stay clear of incompatible careers that don't mesh with your valued behavioral pattern.

What Does a Career Values Assessment Measure?

A career values assessment is a structured analysis of the core elements that drive your professional decisions, preferences, and satisfaction. It looks beyond surface-level job preferences and measures the deeper factors that likely lead to long-term joy and compatibility. These factors include the following:

Intrinsic motivation

Everyone has an internal drive to pursue tasks and goals they find inherently enjoyable or fulfilling. This intrinsic motivation naturally ignites your passion, even if you don’t necessarily have external rewards like recognition or financial gain, and encourages you to give your best effort. As a result, a career values assessment seeks to understand your intrinsic motivation—be it recognition, improving the lives of others, or supporting a noble cause—to identify careers that foster a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in the long run.

Workplace preferences

Your workplace preferences encompass a broad spectrum of factors, including the type of work environment, team dynamics, organization size, and leadership styles. These preferences have a considerable effect on overall job satisfaction and performance, so a career values assessment aims to identify how and where you will flourish the most. Whether you excel in collaborative, team-oriented spaces or prefer to work independently, understanding these preferences helps you find the right role for long-term professional growth and compatibility.

Personal fulfillment

Job satisfaction goes beyond the paycheck; it’s about the fulfillment and contentment you derive from your career. However, the essence of personal fulfillment varies for everyone. You might find satisfaction in problem-solving, innovating, being creative, convincing others, or any other job focus or responsibility. A career value assessment helps you discover the sources of personal fulfillment for your professional aspirations, measuring what you find most important and desirable for the future.

Ethical and moral standpoints

In order to proudly stand behind the work you accomplish, it’s essential to find a career and work environment that align with your ethical and moral values. A career values assessment often assesses which career paths and industries align with these areas and how you can effectively communicate your moral values to others. This alignment is instrumental in maintaining a sense of integrity and pride throughout your career, which leads to a fulfilling and balanced work life.

Growth and development

Everyone who takes a career values assessment has a different appetite for learning, skill development, and professional growth, depending on their circumstances and available resources. Some want to advance their skills to be promoted within their current industry, while others are willing to return to school to get an in-demand degree.

Regardless of your current situation, a career values assessment measures your growth ambitions and helps you develop a plan for optimal professional advancement. 

Is a Career Values Assessment Right for You?

While we believe a career values assessment can help anyone at practically any stage of their career journey, you may not need to take one if you already comprehend your values and know what to prioritize. Conversely, you might be looking for a personality test to better understand who you are rather than determine your personal values. 

Alternatively, you can take an interest test if you need help discovering what brings you joy and fulfillment. Regardless of the insights you seek, you can count on JobTest.org for accurate, informed guidance. To determine if our career values assessment is the right option, you can weigh the pros and cons and go with what you think is best:

Informed decision-making

Understanding your values helps you make confident and informed decisions since you know what matters most in your career and how to parse through the noise.

Informed decision-making
Enhanced job satisfaction

By only prioritizing career paths that align with your values and personality, you’re more likely to find satisfaction and a sense of purpose throughout your professional life.

Enhanced job satisfaction
Personal growth insights

It’s unrealistic to improve without constructive feedback, so a values assessment equips you with developmental insights, recommended skills to acquire, and strategies for career advancement.

Personal growth insights
Better work-life balance

Work is far more enjoyable when it doesn’t feel like work. By choosing a career that respects your preferences, you can give your personal life the attention it deserves and restore mental balance.

Better work-life balance
Reduced career transition stress

A career values assessment helps build confidence during times of significant change, focusing your sights on what you truly care about and wish to achieve.

Reduced career transition stress
Potential confirmation bias

Depending on the assessment and how you answer, it might just strengthen your current beliefs and values rather than provide you with new insights.

Potential confirmation bias

Depending on the assessment and how you answer, it might just strengthen your current beliefs and values rather than provide you with new insights.

Over-reliance on results

Although your results can be used as a foundation for your future, they shouldn’t be the final say on how you map out your career plan.

Over-reliance on results

Although your results can be used as a foundation for your future, they shouldn’t be the final say on how you map out your career plan.

May not capture evolving values

Our values and perceptions change as we do, and an assessment might not account for these variations. Likewise, a values assessment can occasionally misinterpret evolving values.

May not capture evolving values

Our values and perceptions change as we do, and an assessment might not account for these variations. Likewise, a values assessment can occasionally misinterpret evolving values.

How to Interpret Your Career Values Assessment Results

After you decide to take a career values assessment, the next step is reviewing your results and analyzing their insights. Every values assessment will produce different results with varying formats, content, and intent, but in general, it can help you understand the following: 

  • Your ideal career matches and work environment
  • How your personal values influence your future outlook
  • Strategies to approach career planning and personal development

Try to approach the results with an open mind and the willingness to explore new ideas, which will allow you to gather valuable insights to implement in your career plan. Still, always use your best judgment and let the results inspire rather than dictate what you must do.

Tips for Taking a Career Values Assessment

Although you don’t have to prepare for a career values assessment in the same way you would for a standardized test or academic exam, it’s helpful to have a few tips and strategies to enhance the experience. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you take a values assessment:

Review the instructions

Most career values assessments (including ours) have basic instructions at the beginning. Carefully read them to ensure you know what’s expected of you, as some have time limits, don’t allow you to change your answers, or require a significant portion of time to complete the assessment.


Do your best to get into a calm and relaxed state of mind before starting the career values assessment. If you feel pressured or stressed while taking the test, you might not produce the most genuine and honest answers. Although it’s still an assessment, remember that you’re not receiving a grade or required to meet certain expectations.

Be open-minded

It can seem tempting to answer questions for a specific outcome, but try to approach the assessment with an open mind and give each question an honest answer. Ignore outside pressures or societal norms about your career values and reflect on how you truly feel, even if this means taking a stance you’ve never had before.

Trust Your Instincts

When you feel confused about your career path and personal values, it’s common to second-guess yourself and produce disingenuous responses. However, do your best to trust your immediate reactions and instincts as you answer the questions; otherwise, the assessment can misinterpret your values and lead you down the wrong path.

Focus on the task, not the clock

Most career values assessments have no time limits or incentives for finishing the test quickly, so there’s no need to rush through the test. Take the values assessment when you don’t have any obligations and take as long as you need, ensuring you provide as honest answers as you can. The more thought and effort you put into it, the better the assessment will understand who you are and what you hope to gain.

Chart your path forward

While you are completing the personal values assessment, remember that you’re taking it to mold your future, not re-embark on your past. While you should reflect on your previous professional and educational experiences, consider what you want in the future, how you hope to grow in your career, and what you’re willing to sacrifice. You should set high expectations for yourself but still pay attention to what’s realistic and feasible.

What should I do with my career values assessment results?

When you’ve received your career values assessment results, take time to read them carefully and try to extract insights you find useful for your career journey. You can try the following strategies while reviewing the results:

Analyze and reflect

Start by reading the results in their entirety, paying close attention to each section and what it’s trying to convey. When you understand the results and the core takeaways, consider how you feel about them and whether you agree or disagree. Finally, compare the results to your reflections and determine what (if anything) to implement, change, or further explore.

Consult a career counselor

If you need help interpreting your results or want another perspective, you can meet with a career counselor who can walk you through them. Not only can they break down the results and highlight insights you might’ve missed, but they can expand on them and help you build a more robust analysis of your career values and ideal professional paths.

Set clear goals

If you find valuable pieces of advice or inspiration, take what you’ve learned and start crafting a plan of action. Determine what it will take to reach your goals, such as acquiring a new skill or building a network, and establish clear and realistic timelines to make them a reality.

Engage in continuous learning

It’s essential to commit to ongoing learning and never become complacent to maximize your long-term success. Always look for opportunities to further your abilities and stay relevant, whether this means addressing areas of weakness or adapting to industry changes, which will help you stay competitive in the job market.

A 20-Minute Journey to Career Clarity

to define your next 20 years.

The path to career clarity might feel out of reach, but with JobTest.org, it’s a journey that begins with just a 20-minute commitment. We’ve meticulously designed our career values assessment to capture the nuances of your personality, professional aspirations, and core values. Despite its advanced technology, our assessment can be completed within the span of a leisurely coffee break, allowing you to discover your ideal future with ease. 

As you navigate the assessment, each minute spent is a stride toward discovering a career that aligns with your values and interests. You’re not just answering questions; you’re shaping the blueprint for a job that could lead to a lifetime of satisfaction and achievement. 

Take the first step with JobTest.org and see what your future holds—the beginning of your journey is only one click and twenty minutes away.

Interest Test FAQs

Can this career quiz tell me what careers to choose?

We’re not here to tell you what to do; we’re here to tell you what you can do. Once you have that knowledge, deciding what to do with it is still up to you.

Can I take the test online?

Yes! Our intuitive interface and personalized explanations help guide you through the online process and ensure you get the most out of your experience.

How long does the career test take to complete?

All of JobTest.org’s career tests can be completed in under 20 minutes. That said, we’ll never put a timer on the process, so you should feel free to take as long as you need to complete your assessment.

How long does it take to receive my career test results?

Our cutting-edge algorithm works diligently to provide you with the most personalized and accurate results. This process can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to ensure the highest quality in your report. Still waiting to receive your report after 30 minutes? Email us at support@jobtest.org with the subject line "Didn't Get My Report." Our support team will be happy to help you get your report.

How accurate are the career test results?

Our use of advanced machine learning, modern AI, and up-to-date job market data means that JobTest.org provides some of the most accurate results possible, which is why more than 300,000 professionals have trusted us with their career solutions. As long as you’re honest in your answers, your career quiz results will be accurate.

Why should I trust my career quiz results?

We understand the importance of your future, and we don’t take it lightly. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a ton of data to provide you with the most personalized and accurate results. If your report fails to identify any career paths based on the answers you provided to the test, we will offer a full refund of the cost of the test.