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In the modern world of quiet quitting, position hopping, and an all-too-often unstable job outlook, many workplaces can leave you feeling lost and confused. With the right career test, however, you can write yourself a map out of the fog and toward success.

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Regardless of which field you work in, what experience you have, or what your ideal future may be, none of it matters until you have the knowledge and power to take your next steps confidently.

The first step, however, is figuring out who you are, what you’re capable of, and what kind of professional life will leave you feeling the happiest and most fulfilled.

To that end, we provide you with the advanced analytics, tailored feedback, and machine learning-based technology you need to make the changes you desire–all bundled into a 20-minute questionnaire. More than 3 million working professionals have found answers and advanced their careers by utilizing our groundbreaking process, and it all starts here.

Why people love our career test

98% Satisfaction Rate

Between our cutting-edge assessment and post-analysis feedback, nearly 100% of our customers feel satisfied and ready to take on the world.

Real Data Analyzed

‍No guesses, no half-truths. We use real-world data to help give you real-world results.

Latest Information

‍Our algorithms pull from available information as you take your test, ensuring answers that reflect the current moment.

Less than 20 Minutes to Complete

Despite our test’s advanced technology and thorough analysis, it still takes only twenty short minutes of your time to complete.

Constructive Guidance

Unlike other tests that simply ask you questions, we help guide you to the tools and solutions you need to make those answers mean something.


‍Our test is as individualized as you are, so we provide industry-leading customizability for peak service.

How does it work?

to define your next 20 years.

At face value, good career tests look very similar to any online quizzes you may have taken. The basic breakdown comes out to three easy steps.

  • We ask you questions.
  • You answer questions.
  • We give you results.

It really is that simple, only instead of telling you what type of citrus fruit you’d be at the end, we give you a tried-and-true roadmap to help you better understand yourself, find the best career options, and start making progress toward the job of your dreams. Career Aptitude Tests

The questions you need for the career answers you want

Career Test for Adults

Designed for both established professionals hoping to advance their careers and those looking to find a new path, our career test for adults offers clarity and confidence for anyone looking to make a change in their career trajectory.

Career Test for Teens

Intended for high school students and teens looking for insight into their potential career paths, our career test for teens uses advanced metrics to help solidify choices, offer advice about skill-building, and even simplify the college selection process.

Hear from our customers

At the end of the day, what matters most about a product or service is whether or not it leaves the customer satisfied. That’s why we think you’d appreciate hearing from a few of our satisfied customers:

Omar, 24
"After undergrad, I went into working as a classroom aide at a local private preschool. Even though I majored in literature, I found that most of my happiness throughout the day came from working with special needs kids and helping them find their confidence. On a hunch, I took’s assessment and realized that I was meant to be an early childhood teacher. Now I’m working my way through graduate school and know exactly where I’m headed next."
Brie, 33
"I’d been at my job for more than half of my adult life, but felt like I’d somehow gotten myself stuck in a rut. When a manager mentioned that a new position was opening up in a different department, I took it as a sign that maybe it was time to make a change. I found, took their test, and identified exactly the skills I’d need to ace it in the new role. After a little work and self-investment, I landed the position—and a nice little pay bump."
Hallie, 28
"For the longest time, I knew that finance wasn’t something I was really passionate about, just something I could trust to pay the bills. But the feeling that something was missing just never went away and only started to get stronger. So I took a career test, and it told me what I already knew but had never felt brave enough to say. Now I’m six months into marketing and outreach for a national nonprofit, and I’ve never felt more fulfilled."

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What is a career aptitude test?

to define your next 20 years.

At its core, a career aptitude test asks you a number of questions to gauge different aspects of what makes you tick, from your personality archetype to your ideal workplace preferences to your natural aptitudes to your interest profile concerning things that may or may not relate to your current job. Most career aptitude tests—especially free career tests—are relatively small in scope and end up giving relatively small answers. Others, like ours, tick every possible box to give you the best, most actionable answers possible.

Oh, and it still should only take minutes to complete.

How does a career test work?

to define your next 20 years.

  1. Choose your testing package
  2. Complete your fifteen-minute questionnaire
  3. Explore your results

If you’ve ever taken a Myers Briggs type indicator test in your life, you generally know what to expect here. We ask you various questions to determine your values, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, then feed your answers into our algorithm. Once done, that information will be referenced against the most current data available, compiled into one comprehensive report, and presented with custom-built explanations to ensure you get the most from your assessment.

How can a career test help me?

Since you’ve found this page, you probably already know why this is important. For better or worse, our professional lives play a huge role in determining how happy or unhappy we are throughout the day. Stress, financial considerations, our social lives—everything is tied to our jobs somehow. Doesn’t it make sense that you should take a little time to better understand who you are, what kind of professional setting would make you happiest, and how you could possibly make that happen?

When it comes to something this important, simply guessing at the facts just isn’t good enough anymore. Do yourself a favor and:

Streamline your time

You’re a busy, active adult with a demanding schedule and things to get done, so it only makes sense that you’d want to optimize your days. By honing in on which priorities matter most, you can ensure that you’re spending time in the right ways to ensure your best results.

Fight back against anxiety

Are you doing enough? Are you in the right place? Are you just wasting time? The good news is that a strong set of facts and a good plan can quiet or eliminate these thoughts, which are too common for most of us. Our career testing provides both of those.

Unlock new possibilities

The world is a big place, and even if you feel you’ve been stuck in one small corner of it for too long, that doesn’t mean you can’t still explore. By opening your eyes to the options available, you can begin reimagining what your future could and should look like.

Recenter yourself

Like most of us, you probably feel as though you’re pulled in a dozen different directions every day. By realigning with the most important, fundamental aspects of the core that makes up who you are, you can block out the noise and focus on only those things that will serve you best in the years to come.

Fast-track success

You’ve been told that big things always take a lot of time to make happen, but that isn’t exactly true. Sometimes, with the right set of tools and crystal-clear knowledge, you can make smart choices with the potential to slingshot you into a better, happier future.

Become your own ally

We all know that it’s priceless to have people around us who support and encourage our goals. That being said, at the end of the day, the person closest to and most responsible for our success or failure is ourselves. That’s why it pays to take the time to become your own greatest supporter.

What are the benefits of a career aptitude test?

While the first and foremost benefit of an aptitude quiz like this is obvious—setting you on the best career path—this kind of assessment also comes with a whole host of other advantages that you may not expect. If you choose to move forward, you can look forward to things like:

Improved self-awareness

Perhaps you already know yourself pretty well. Maybe you don’t. It could be that you knew yourself at one point, but your outer self feels a bit more like a stranger every day. With a personalized, intuitive personality assessment like ours, you can refresh your understanding of the most important person in your life: you.

Discover new career paths

With our in-depth career assessment test, we match you to real-world careers tailored to your responses and answers. While this often gives you insight into your current career, it also shows you a wealth of potential careers that might also suit you just as well—or better.

Narrow down your options

Perhaps your issue isn't a lack of choice but an overabundance of choices. In this situation, career aptitude tests show their value by helping you focus on the factors that are most important to you, allowing you to narrow your choices down to only the strongest few.

Set achievable goals

Even when you’ve accumulated all the information and knowledge you possibly can, it can still sometimes feel like you don’t know what the next steps should be. With our career assessments, we follow up by giving you clear, actionable goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.

Understand your work style

Many of us go our entire professional lives without truly understanding our work personalities and how they affect our productivity, not to mention our job satisfaction. By getting a clear gauge of how you work, you can go forward knowing exactly what jobs and work environments suit you best.

Boost your confidence

Whether you need affirmation that you’re in the right line of work or confirmation that it’s time to find something else, simply having the facts can go a long way toward boosting confidence about yourself and your decisions.

Make informed decisions

This is your career, this is your life, and this is not the time for guesses or half-truths. Regardless of what this career quiz tells you, the final decision is always yours to make. Making that decision when fully armed with top-of-the-line knowledge is probably a good thing.

Customize your plan of action

Using our personalized, advanced machine learning-based algorithm, you can create a plan that works not only for the modern professional world but also for you as a unique individual with a unique personality.

Improve professional communication

You’re competent, driven, and passionate about work you truly believe in. We know that, and you know that. With our post-assessment follow-up, however, we’ll give you the vocabulary and insight needed to make sure the rest of the world knows that, too, whether that’s during interviews or with future coworkers.

Find greater fulfillment

For most of us, our jobs take up about a third of our days (sometimes more). Why, then, would you spend so much time doing something that doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled and accomplished? A career aptitude test can match your career interests and personality type to suggested occupations that will let you end your days feeling content, not conflicted.

What is the best career test for adults to take?

Should you take a free career test? A paid career personality test? Maybe one that focuses on the six occupational themes or one that matches your interests?

There are a million and one career quizzes on the internet today, and we know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. You likely have enough stress as it is, and we don’t want to add to that, so here’s a quick breakdown of the types of career tests available out there:

Interest tests

Similar to personality tests in many ways, an interest test will determine both your personal and career interests, then translate those into a set of career recommendations that most closely match your interests. An interest test will frequently place you in one of several career clusters, which are groups of jobs that all share similar interests. This can help you find careers that you otherwise might have overlooked or dismissed by showing you how your interests could be translated into a job.

Skills tests

These tests care less about personality traits and instead focus on the hard, objective skills you possess, how those might translate into your ideal career, and any potential weaknesses that could be addressed in your skillset. A very straightforward approach to evaluation, the value of a skills test grows depending on which of the five job zones your career falls into and is highly useful as a tool for upcoming job preparation or during the career planning process.

Aptitude tests

Similar in some ways to skills testing, career aptitude tests also measure your potential to excel in different fields or work environments. If you’ve always felt you had untapped potential but needed a little affirmation to help you make the leap toward using it, a career aptitude test may be the push you’re looking for. Often, you’ll be able to find free career aptitude tests as a sort of preliminary test that lets you know if more in depth testing might be warranted.

Personality tests

Also known as personality assessments, these tests focus primarily on you as a person rather than as an employee. Generally, you’ll be sorted into one of six personality types (commonly called Holland Codes) via a career personality profiler. Then, using a career explorer, you are matched to careers that may suit your personality type. Perhaps the most familiar of the different career tests, many people may find that they’ve taken a very similar personality quiz purely for fun in the past.

Values tests

Values tests are different from the others because they focus on things like your passions, morals, and how you like to balance work and life. They then compare your answers to data on career satisfaction to help you find jobs that fit you best as a person. Rather than sorting you into personality types, however, these career assessments can often help you better understand what role you want your work life to play in your life as a whole and give you the tools to make those adjustments if necessary.

The Pros and Cons

While a good career aptitude test can often direct you to the best career paths for you, it's important to consider both the benefits and potential risks of this type of testing. Though we wholeheartedly believe that this type of assessment can provide great value, it works best when a person goes into it with full knowledge of what to expect.


Just like you probably did a bit of soul-searching when thinking about college majors or first career choices during your teens, having a clear grasp of who you are as a person is crucial to choosing the best career path for yourself.


If you’ve ever felt stuck or sluggish in your career trajectory, you know that it can feel nearly impossible to choose your next step. With our post-assessment breakdown, we help you outline clear, actionable steps to continue growing.


It may very well be that you know your own strengths and weaknesses, but sometimes you struggle to convey your value to others. A good career test gives you the vocabulary you need to make those conversations easier.


We’ve all experienced misgivings or doubts about our abilities or chosen line of work. Rather than guessing whether you’ve chosen well, let data and hard facts give you the affirmation you need.


Your work life plays an enormously important role in your happiness and wellbeing, so the clearer you can be about your facts and options, the better. Getting answers now can help you make better choices later.


While you may find a free career test out there to suit your needs, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Choosing the highest-quality test does not always mean choosing the most expensive test. Research costs and values to ensure you’re making the smartest investment in your future.


While you may find a free career test out there to suit your needs, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Choosing the highest-quality test does not always mean choosing the most expensive test. Research costs and values to ensure you’re making the smartest investment in your future.

Limited Scope

Many career tests, especially free career tests, only offer a predetermined set of results. Choosing a test that uses machine learning tools can help massively expand and tailor those options to your situation.

Limited Scope

Many career tests, especially free career tests, only offer a predetermined set of results. Choosing a test that uses machine learning tools can help massively expand and tailor those options to your situation.


Information is only valuable when understood, and many career tests or personality assessments begin and end their services with answers. If you can find a company that helps explain and customize those answers to your needs, you’ll get much more value from the process.


Information is only valuable when understood, and many career tests or personality assessments begin and end their services with answers. If you can find a company that helps explain and customize those answers to your needs, you’ll get much more value from the process.


Always check whether a testing organization is affiliated with any specific company or field. When it comes to your future, you don’t have time to be swayed by biased or subjective information.


Always check whether a testing organization is affiliated with any specific company or field. When it comes to your future, you don’t have time to be swayed by biased or subjective information.


If we could bold this twice, we would. When choosing an assessment—whether a free career test or a paid one—it is critical that the organization uses the highest-quality data available. Keep in mind that bad information is often worse than no information.


If we could bold this twice, we would. When choosing an assessment—whether a free career test or a paid one—it is critical that the organization uses the highest-quality data available. Keep in mind that bad information is often worse than no information.

How to choose a career test

So now that we’ve laid out your options, the pros and cons, and all the information you need to get your test results in hand, the only question left is, "How do I choose which kind of test to take in the first place?"

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered there, too. When choosing a test, there are six main considerations to keep in mind, and they are:


Why are you taking a career aptitude test in the first place? Are you simply looking to explore other career options or to better understand something specific, like your ideal work environment or how your personality traits align with certain fields? Do you want to sharpen your skill set, or do you have the skills but just need a basic career assessment to let you know if you’re using them in the right place? By identifying what you want from a test, you can better choose which test is right for you.


Everyone takes tests differently, and making sure that you’re taking your test in ideal circumstances can often ensure that you get the most value out of your results. Before you start a career assessment, take a moment to think about where you feel most comfortable. Do you like paper tests? Digital? Would you rather take it alone or have someone there to administer it and help explain it now and then? Regardless of which it is, the more comfortable you are during the process, the more value you’ll glean from it after.


As we’ve said before, we understand that money can be an important consideration for those exploring their career options. If cost is a concern, consider taking a free career aptitude quiz to help you get off on the right foot. If you find it helpful, you can always take a paid test later to expand and deepen your understanding of the results. Regardless, a free test is often better than no test.

Validity and Reliability

Knowing a bit about the company behind your test can give you immense peace of mind that your results are both useful and trustworthy. Make sure that no matter which company you choose, it’s one from an organization that uses only the highest quality research and technology and isn’t tied to any one field or external company, which may bias the results of your testing.


Finding a trustworthy testing company is important, but so is finding one with a strong reputation and authority in the field. Career testing is a business just like any other. Researching customer feedback, rankings from related institutions, and third-party reviews can help you choose the right testing company for your needs.


Full customization is probably the most important aspect of the testing experience itself, but it's also the one lacking in the industry. You are a unique, complex individual with unique needs, and no one-size-fits-all assessment will ever give you the results most relevant to your situation. Customization is the key when it comes to finding your best career matches and unlocking your future.

Test-taking: How to get the most out of career tests

Although this may be one of the few tests in your life that you are looking forward to taking, it is still a test and thus requires some preparation. If you want to get the most out of your experience, including the best insights, top career matches, and overall value, we recommend following these few tips as you work your way through the assessment.

Read the instructions

We know you’re a professional, and we know you’ve probably taken more than a few tests in your life, but we have to do our due diligence and get this one out of the way. Though it may seem obvious, remember that every test will likely have its own guidelines and ways to answer, so take a minute or so before starting to familiarize yourself with all of them.

Get comfortable

You likely do your best work when you’re feeling comfortable, so why not be comfortable while working on yourself, too? Environment plays a huge role in how we perform, so take the time to create an environment conducive to success. Consider removing distractions such as televisions or cellphones, take a few minutes to get into a productive headspace, and your experience will be all the better for it.

Answer honestly

This test is just for you, and though you may feel the urge to hedge or adjust potentially uncomfortable answers about your work history, your satisfaction levels, or your potential weaknesses; please remember that the best results come from honesty. The more open and honest you are when answering the questions, the better and more useful the results will be.

Get out of your own head!

These are big questions and topics with (hopefully) big impacts, so it’s only natural to want to overthink them now and again during your assessment. If you feel stuck on a particular segment, take a moment to walk away or refocus. Yes, this process is important, but your answers aren’t final, and you can always reconsider and retake the assessment later if needed.

Stop watching the clock

Although we like to advertise that our career explorer test only takes minutes to complete, that doesn’t mean that you need to finish it in twenty minutes, or something bad might happen. You can take this test at any speed you want, whether that’s twenty minutes or two hours. Work at your own pace, and remember that comfort is more important than speed.

Maintain perspective

We believe in our results, and we believe in our process. We truly think that the people who take our assessment can and will find value in the results, and we take pride in that fact. That being said, these results are only one tool for your professional advancement, and they shouldn’t be taken as the end-all for your future. Take them seriously, but also take them into perspective.

Rest and reflect

Once you’ve finished your assessment and received your customized report, consider taking a moment to walk away and give yourself a bit of space before really diving into it. It’s quite likely that you were asked to think about some heavy, important topics during the test, so it’s only fair that you interact with the answers to those topics on your own time. Again, there’s no rush here.

Be ready for the next steps

Although we fully believe in the value of this process, keep in mind that your results are the beginning of a path toward a happier, more successful professional life—not an ending point. Once you’ve received your report, think of it as your plan of attack for the next several steps you might take, whether that be a new career, a reinvestment in personal skills, or any other potential movement you may find appropriate.

My test is done, I have my career path…now what?

You’ve completed your test, you have your personalized report and feedback, and now you’re ready to do…what, exactly? Don't worry; now that you have answers, you can really get things done. Consider, for example:

Talk to trusted coworkers or mentors

While you should always exercise a bit of caution about who you talk to when considering a career change, talking out your results with a trusted colleague or friend who understands your work situation can help you understand them.

Start researching options

When you get your feedback, it will be customized to include potential fields or roles in which you might excel. Once you get that list, consider researching the leaders of those industries, where they’re located, and how you might begin inquiring about open roles.

Invest in your skills

One of the best things about a career quiz is that it gives you a clear, honest picture of your current skills, the skills you need for your ideal job, and how you can make them the same. Once you know what skills or qualifications you need, it’s time to start putting in the legwork to acquire them.

Consider additional education

 If your potential careers included positions that required certain types of education, it may be that you were also shown specific degree matches that would help you get to where you want to be as a professional. Although it’s a big decision, consider the fact that more schooling may be a choice you want to make.

Become active in professional communities

If there’s a job for it, there’s almost certainly a forum for it too. Much like researching specific companies or fields, consider looking for online or local communities surrounding your potential career. With a little effort, you should be able to find people willing to give you a few minutes of their time, answer any questions you have, and make valuable contacts for the future.

20 minutes for 20 years

to define your next 20 years.

We’ve offered you a lot here, we know, but the simple truth is that these amazingly powerful answers are already inside of you—you just need a bit of help getting them out. That’s why, despite our test’s complexity, exhaustive thoroughness, and advanced customizability, it should still only take you about twenty minutes to complete.

That’s it.

Twenty minutes to help you unlock the next twenty years of your professional career? If you can think of a better way to spend your time, let us know.

If you’re ready to get started, head on over to the best career test the internet has to offer (or at least we like to think so).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, that’s fine. Questions are kind of our thing.

How much does a career test cost?

Though it is entirely possible to find a free career test, the majority of paid tests range between $19.95 and $200.00. At, we provide various pricing plans so that you can decide which career test report and support is best for you.

What kind of questions will I be asked?

Our test uses adaptive questioning, meaning our quiz questions evolve as you go along. You should expect to be asked about your interests, values, skills, personality, and experiences, generally, in a multiple-choice format.

How accurate are the career test results?

Our use of advanced machine learning, modern AI, and up-to-date job market data means that provides some of the most accurate results possible, which is why more than 300,000 professionals have trusted us with their career solutions. As long as you’re honest in your answers, your career quiz results will be accurate.

Can this career quiz tell me what careers to choose?

We’re not here to tell you what to do; we’re here to tell you what you can do. Once you have that knowledge, deciding what to do with it is still up to you.

Can I take the test online?

Yes! Our intuitive interface and personalized explanations help guide you through the online process and ensure you get the most out of your experience.

What if I’m already employed?

The value of a career assessment is not limited to the currently unemployed. Even if you’re in a career now, a solid understanding of your needs can help guide you as you go forward.

Why is my career quiz screen blank?

We're sorry for the inconvenience! Sometimes, if you leave the test and come back later, you might see a blank screen. Here's what you can do:

  1. Clear your browser's cookies.
  2. Try using a different browser or device.

If these steps don't bring back your quiz, please email us at with the subject line "Blank Quiz Screen". Our support team will jump right on it and help you out!

How long does it take to receive my career test results?

Our cutting-edge algorithm works diligently to provide you with the most personalized and accurate results. This process can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to ensure the highest quality in your report. Still waiting to receive your report after 30 minutes? Email us at with the subject line "Didn't Get My Report." Our support team will be happy to help you get your report.

Why should I trust my career quiz results?

We understand the importance of your future, and we don’t take it lightly. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a ton of data to provide you with the most personalized and accurate results. If your report fails to identify any career paths based on the answers you provided to the test, we will offer a full refund of the cost of the test.

How long does the career test take to complete?

All of’s career tests can be completed in under 20 minutes. That said, we’ll never put a timer on the process, so you should feel free to take as long as you need to complete your assessment.