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Career Interest Test: Embark on Your Dream Job Journey

Passion plays a crucial role in determining career satisfaction, and our test can help identify the jobs that align best with your interests.

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to define your next 20 years.

Instability in the job market, plummeting career satisfaction rates, and the growing call for more flexible, remote positions means that more people than ever are deciding to make a career change. When making such an important and far-reaching decision, it's best to arm yourself with as much information and insight as possible.

Our career interest test helps you do just that—and more. Over the course of about twenty minutes, we'll give you everything you need to make changes with confidence and take your career to the next level.

Why people love our career test

Highly Satisfied Customers

More than 98% of our customers come away happy and satisfied with their testing experience, with many seeing up to a 20% increase in compensation.

Advanced Data Analysis

Our proprietary algorithm uses machine learning to search through thousands of sources in seconds, then transforms that data into an approachable, streamlined report to give you the broadest perspective possible.

Real-Time Information

With, we use your answers to compile relevant data in real time rather than pulling from archives or unreliable databases. That way, you get insights and tools you can actually use, such as open job listings or to-the-minute salary averages.

Quick and User-Friendly Career Quiz

Even with all of our advanced technology and in-depth assessments, every test can be completed in a little under 20 minutes. Throughout this process, we make sure you understand every question, your options, and why they're important to your career trajectory.

Intelligent and Adaptive Questions

Instead of a formulaic or one-size-fits-all approach to testing, we consider every bit of information you give us and then adapt our questions to match. By doing so, we can provide significantly more relevant, personalized results than those you'd expect from most testing services.


‍Our test is as individualized as you are, so we provide industry-leading customizability for peak service.

How do career interest tests work?

to define your next 20 years.

Despite the difference in names, interest tests work similarly to other types of career tests. The key difference is that interest tests concentrate on your passions and then correlate that information with careers best suited to fueling those passions. Here’s how our career interest test works:

  1. We walk you through an adaptive set of career-related questions
  2. You answer each as honestly as possible
  3. We use your answers to compile useful insights and advice Career Aptitude Tests

The questions you need for the career answers you want

Career Test for Adults

Designed for both established professionals hoping to advance their careers and those looking to find a new path, our career test for adults offers clarity and confidence for anyone looking to make a change in their career trajectory.

Career Test for Teens

Intended for high school students and teens looking for insight into their potential career paths, our career test for teens uses advanced metrics to help solidify choices, offer advice about skill-building, and even simplify the college selection process.

What our customers have to say

Kai, 30
"I was happy at my job, but I wasn’t sure what to do when a position opened up at one of our locations across the company in California. I’d always wanted to live on the West Coast, but the role had different responsibilities, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to really excel at it or even enjoy the position at all. I took an aptitude test on, and my results gave me the confidence I needed that I was making the right decision. Now I’m killing it in the new role, and I get to spend my weekends at the beach!"
Darius, 22
"Both of my parents are small business owners, so after high school, I started classes for a business degree, but only because it seemed like the obvious choice. About two years in, I was pretty much burned out and almost stopped going completely. One of my professors suggested, so I tried it out. It told me I’d probably be happier in a trade job, so I went looking for an apprenticeship as an electrician and found a good job almost immediately. Now I’m making more than I would’ve as an accountant, I have better hours, and I actually get to work with my hands."
Ellie, 49
"When I graduated college in my early twenties, I almost immediately went into a career as a graphic designer. It paid the bills for almost three decades, but I’d be lying if I said I ever had a real passion for it. With my 50th birthday coming up, I decided that I was financially stable enough to start looking for something that I was actually passionate about. After taking a test with, I realized I already had all the skills I needed to open an art gallery in my town. I’m switching to full-time there this month, and I couldn’t be happier." Career Interest Test

Elevate your career choices with our insightful interest assessment.

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Interest Test for Adults

to define your next 20 years.

For adults, interest tests are typically more objective and goal-oriented. Chances are you already know which activities energize and motivate you; what we help with is showing you how those activities relate to the professional world. With our assessment, you can better align your career goals and path with the things that matter most to you and find the fulfillment you deserve.

Interest Test for Teens

to define your next 20 years.

As they finish high school and step foot into the rest of their lives, many teens would do well to invest the time needed to figure out what they truly care about, why they care about it, and how that relates to different careers. By doing so, teens can reduce trial and error, be more confident in their education and job selection, and find more opportunities to gain valuable experience.

The Significance of Taking a Career Interest Test

When people decide to take an interest assessment, they generally do so for a few reasons. A few of the most common are:

Illuminate your passion

No matter how familiar you are with your own interests and passions, our career interest test can help broaden and connect that understanding to the career areas most likely to provide greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Strategic career alignment

People do their best work when they're doing something they love, and our tests set you up to do just that with personalized insights, to-the-minute data, and powerful tools designed to supercharge your career trajectory.

Better decision-making

When faced with a difficult decision, especially regarding your career, there’s no such thing as too much information. We give you the perspective and objective facts necessary to make hard choices with confidence.

Personalized career pathways

As you advance further into your field, gaining more experience and responsibilities, staying aligned with the things that bring you the greatest satisfaction can be a powerful tool. By taking our test, you give yourself a personalized roadmap to ensure you stay true to the path you want.

Optimized skill development

Sometimes, developing a new skill—or improving an existing one—can be the difference between career advancement and stagnation. Our results identify areas of your skill set where improvement would make the most impact and yield the greatest results.

Benefits of an Interest Test for Career Exploration

Career tests offer a wealth of benefits, from increased salary trend transparency to better self-awareness. Interest tests, specifically, also provide a few special benefits, such as:

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Keeping current on your professional strengths and weaknesses can be a constant battle, but the right career test can list them in a clear, objective way that gives you the perspective you need to turn them into action.

Discover what motivates you

Motivation is one of the key drivers of workplace success, and your test results can help identify the interests, responsibilities, and projects most likely to energize you as you progress through your career.

Explore your values and principles

Beyond salary and benefits, the extent to which a job aligns with your personal values can significantly impact your overall job satisfaction. After first identifying those values, we then match them to specific careers that embody them best.

Evaluate your educational needs

Whether it's additional schooling, certifications, or hard skills you'd do well to improve, our career test will identify the areas of your skill set that would benefit most from a little polish. Then, we also suggest tools and resources to start making those improvements immediately.

Types of Interest Assessments

Various services will use different types of interest assessments to build their career tests, with some incorporating elements of several assessments for enhanced insights and results. Some of the most common types of interest assessments are:

Big Five

The Big Five Model, or 5 Factor Model, is highly respected and widely used by both modern psychologists and corporations as a prominent interest assessment tool. This process works by scoring an individual on five distinct personality traits: openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and extraversion.

Once these traits have been evaluated, experts use them to gauge how well a person would perform in a given role or work environment. Often, this information is used by hiring professionals to decide which applicants to advance in the interview process or whether current employees are suitable for more significant roles.

Strong Interest Inventory

Similar to the Big Five Model in many ways, the Strong Interest Inventory sorts a person's interests into six categories: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. These categories, commonly presented using the anagram RIASEC, help to determine the fields of work, job duties, and even hobbies that suit a person best.

Then, the Strong Interest Inventory typically provides a list of five to ten specific careers most relevant to a person's profile and interests.

Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

A far more extensive and comprehensive assessment, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator consists of 144 questions administered during a 40-minute test. This process aims to establish a full personality profile of those who take it, including strengths and weaknesses across nine personality types and the tasks or roles most strongly associated with each.

Additionally, the Riso-Hudson Indicator identifies a person's three strongest personality types and then suggests responsibilities based on those types.

Holland Codes

Instead of categorizing individuals, the Holland Codes sort jobs and responsibilities into predetermined groups, aligning with the RIASEC anagram used in the Strong Interest Inventory. 

By doing so, the Holland Codes give a clearer picture of the types of people that would fit best in a role or work environment, allowing recruiters and business owners to search for a certain type of applicant when hiring.

Should You Take a Career Interest Test?

Whether or not you should take a career interest test depends entirely on where you are in your career, what kind of insights you're looking for, and what other resources are available to you.

For adults and established professionals, our career test for adults can give you the information you need to make a much-needed career change or secure a promotion.

For students and young people just stepping into the professional world, our career test for teens can help identify the qualities in a career most important to you, setting you up for greater success in education, internships, or entry-level positions.

Regardless of which is true for you, career interest assessments have certain pros and cons to look out for when deciding whether to take the leap.

Comprehensive Insight

Few things are more important than objective, fact-based insights into your past, present, and future.

Comprehensive Insight
Informed Decision-Making

When making decisions as important as a career change, you should always do so with as much information as possible.

Informed Decision-Making
Time and Cost-Efficient

The right career test eliminates much of the trial and error necessary to find the right job or overall career path.

Time and Cost-Efficient
Personal Growth

Continual growth is vital to professional success, and a career test can help you focus your efforts in healthy, productive ways.

Personal Growth
Explore New Paths

Sometimes, we lose sight of all the opportunities available to us, which is why the perspective offered by a career test can be so valuable.

Explore New Paths
Enhanced Self-Understanding

As you grow and progress down your career path, taking time to renew your self-awareness can lead to even greater success.

Enhanced Self-Understanding
Limited Scope

Depending on how a test gathers or structures its information, it may lack some of the depth you need for valuable insights.

Limited Scope

Depending on how a test gathers or structures its information, it may lack some of the depth you need for valuable insights.

Over-Reliance on Results

Career tests can provide excellent information and feedback but should only ever be used as one tool among many.

Over-Reliance on Results

Career tests can provide excellent information and feedback but should only ever be used as one tool among many.

Not a Definitive Solution

While we truly believe in the value a good career test can offer, the ultimate decision of what to do with your professional life is up to you.

Not a Definitive Solution

While we truly believe in the value a good career test can offer, the ultimate decision of what to do with your professional life is up to you.

Potential for Inaccuracy

Your test results will only be accurate if you answer fully and honestly throughout the process.

Potential for Inaccuracy

Your test results will only be accurate if you answer fully and honestly throughout the process.

How to Interpret Career Interest Test Results

Once you've completed the interest test and received your results, you'll likely want to dive right into unpacking them. When you do, we'll provide step-by-step instructions and feedback about each component of your report, including how it relates to your personality and career path.

From there, we suggest taking time to see how your results align with your overall goals and ambitions, using them to help map a clearer path forward. That way, you can step into the next phase of your professional life armed with the information and fresh perspective you need.

Tips for Taking a Career Interest Test

Just like any test, there are some ways to perform better and get the most out of any career interest test. No matter which service you ultimately choose to trust with your testing, we suggest incorporating the following tips when heading into the process.

Read the Instructions

Depending on how the test is designed and administered, it may come with certain requirements for how to respond to each question. Before starting your interest test, take the time to fully read and re-read the instructions in order to ensure you don't waste time or money.

Be Honest

When faced with questions about your professional goals and dreams, it's entirely understandable that you may feel the need to hedge or qualify your answers—either due to societal pressures or your own doubts. When this urge arises, remind yourself that you'll only get the most accurate results if you're as honest as possible throughout the testing process.

Stay Open-Minded

Often, career tests will suggest options and paths you may have never even considered, some of which may seem radically different from what you've done in the past. When this happens, take the time to fully understand why the test is suggesting these options. Usually, doing so will give you greater insight into your skills and the opportunities available to you.

Avoid Overthinking

While a career test can offer profound insights and invaluable information, it's important that you try to answer questions naturally. When you spend too much time agonizing over your responses, you're less likely to give genuine, authentic feedback to the results algorithm. By answering naturally, you make the testing process more organic and, ultimately, more accurate.

Reflect on Your Results

Depending on which testing package you choose, you'll receive an extraordinary amount of information about every aspect of your professional life, from your work personality to salary ranges for potential careers. With that much information, it's crucial to take the time necessary to fully ingest and reflect on your report.

What should I do with my career test results?

While the choice of what to do with your results is ultimately yours to make, there are a few steps that many of our customers typically find productive. These include things such as the following:

Explore new career paths

Integral to every report we create are the career paths, specific roles, and other opportunities that align with your answers and goals. Once you receive them, consider doing further research into these opportunities, some of which you may not have considered previously. As you do, your results will be there every step of the way to offer continued guidance and perspective.

Set career goals

Whether you're just beginning your first career or are an established professional, setting or reaffirming career goals can be an extraordinarily important and empowering process. By having your test results on hand while you do so, you can make sure that your goals align with what you actually value in your work, such as specific passions or types of work environments.

Develop a plan

Once you have a goal (or goals), the next step is figuring out how to reach it. With our report, you'll get various tools and resources to help you build a realistic, actionable plan, such as advice on skill development or specific companies that may merit research. Don't worry—we'll help you take on even the biggest goals, one step at a time.

Find support

When pursuing career goals, few things are as valuable as a good support system. Whether that's friends and family, a group of like-minded professionals open to networking, or a mentor experienced in your field of choice, look for those around you and online who can help support your efforts toward professional growth.

20 Minutes to a More Fulfilling Career

to define your next 20 years.

Time and time again, we hear from our customers just how much value they found in their testing results. From increased clarity about compensation and promotion expectations to greater self-awareness and a renewed sense of purpose,'s tests are designed to help you achieve even your most ambitious goals.

That said, we know that our customers don't want to spend an entire day answering question after question, which is why we streamlined our process to take only 20 minutes or less. For that 20-minute investment, we'll give you the insights you need to plan the next 20 years of a successful, fulfilling career with the tools, resources, and guidance you need to start taking action now.

And, as always, every test is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. So, with nothing to lose and so much to potentially gain, why not try the interest test and see what you might discover?

Career Interest Test FAQs

It's entirely natural to have more questions about career testing, so we put together a list of the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

Can this career quiz tell me what careers to choose?

We’re not here to tell you what to do; we’re here to tell you what you can do. Once you have that knowledge, deciding what to do with it is still up to you.

Can I take the test online?

Yes! We designed to provide top-of-the-line career testing in the comfort of your own home—or wherever else you feel most comfortable.

How long does the career test take to complete?

All of’s career tests can be completed in under 20 minutes. That said, we’ll never put a timer on the process, so you should feel free to take as long as you need to complete your assessment.

How long does it take to receive my career test results?

Our cutting-edge algorithm works diligently to provide you with the most personalized and accurate results. This process can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to ensure the highest quality in your report. Still waiting to receive your report after 30 minutes? Email us at with the subject line "Didn't Get My Report." Our support team will be happy to help you get your report.

How accurate are the career test results?

Our use of advanced machine learning, modern AI, and up-to-date job market data means that provides some of the most accurate results possible, which is why more than 300,000 professionals have trusted us with their career solutions. As long as you’re honest in your answers, your career quiz results will be accurate.

Why should I trust my results?

So long as you answer honestly, your results should be 100% accurate and relevant. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and a lifetime’s worth of data are all working to make that true.